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It’s time to fix our grocery system

The big food players keep cashing in hundreds of billions in an ongoing rampage of exploiting and plundering the world. Meanwhile, a third of our food is going to waste while entire populations are starving. Hundreds of millions are obese and millions die from food related diseases. Plastic can be found in the oceans, in our body, in our blood and in our brains. Billions of animals are modified, tortured and killed for cheap food. Food that’s endangering the lives of us and our children. This system is a key contributor to the irreversable breakdown of our climate and the main reason for global deforestation and the depletion of our oceans. This is is your grocery basket. It's killing you, the planet and the future.

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Let our technology do the work for you

Many of us want to live a healthy and sustainable life, but as much as 83% struggle to keep up! That makes sense, considering our current grocery system. We use technology to build a grocery service that is smart, personal and fun to use, while being healthy and sustainable. Our Goodness Index™, our circular packaging system, our interactive recommendation engine Sønni™; Sunrise is purposefully designed to turn your daily bads into daily goods. Making healthy and sustainable living a breeze. Even fun. Join our community and learn more about our groundbreaking technology.


Enjoy a superior grocery assortment

We've designed Sunrise from the ground up to make sure that you surround yourself with the most beautiful, innovative and natural products this planet has to offer. All curated by our science-led Goodness Index™. No compromises, no empty promises, no greenwashing. Indeed, we will guarantee you that all products that you buy at Sunrise are good in all the ways that matter. Welcome to a better, healthier, and tastier future.

  • Organic & regenerative
  • Mission-driven hero brands
  • Fresh local specialties
  • Low priced essentials
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