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We do what they refuse to

We're an Amsterdam-founded technology company with a global mission to make healthy and sustainable living a breeze. Even fun. For us this means the following: bring real, purpose-led innovation to a dinosaur industry and create the most compelling grocery system of the 21st century. Turning a system built on destruction, exploitation and greed into one that empowers, heals and gives meaning.

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    Smart technology to live your life on your terms

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    A new and improved grocery assortment

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    Purposefully-built to give shape to a better future.

6 beliefs. 1 community.

  • Food is amazing

    If there is anything the entire world, every culture, any person, young, old, rich or poor can agree on: food is amazing.

  • Less crap, more life

    Our life is so cluttered with waste, useless gadgets, pointless apps, throwaway stuff, crappy food, and fake desires we forget to live.

  • We deserve better

    We deserve to live a life without being forced and manipulated into a whole array of unhealthy behaviors and illnesses.

  • Our planet is a common

    Every living being on this planet equally owns -and carries the responsibility for- its fair share of this planet.

  • Humanized technology

    Technology can empower us to elevate our state of being - using it to safeguard our and our planet's health.

  • Health is everything

    What's wealth without health? What's health of a person if the planet is sick? What's a healthy planet if there is not a guarantee to enjoy it?